Friday, March 28, 2008

Sacred Footing


Propylaia portal!

Pass unto this ground

of sacred marble temples

and columns, that surround.

Remove thy leather sandals -

leave foreign lands behind.

Remove the blinding sunlight

from the eye within thy mind.

Speak not, yet, do listen . . .

for 'tis through the olive tree

the voice of wise Athena

unweaves the mystery.

Atop this limestone fortress

each pillar bears a name,

Stone faces turn to flesh, once more . . .

no thing remains the same.

Citizen eternal!

the aged roots of thee

thrive under the protection . . .

of this Acropoli.


bella said...

thank-you for sharing this here.
Mythology has always felt like true mother tongue. This poem resonates, sends out ripples of ancient knowing, cellular memory, like returning home.

Pythia3 said...

Bella - you said get it.
It is an ancient knowing, a cellular memory...a returning home.
It is where I go for wisdom and peace. Like I wrote in my Cave of Pythia blog; Detroit is my physical birthplace and Greece is my spiritual birthplace. We all have both.
Thank you soul sister - YOU are an amazing being!

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Lindy,
Wonderful imagery and rhythm. I think we are all on sacred ground and it's a shame that not everyone realizes the beauty and the marvel of what they are missing. We are as sacred as our hearts and are all eternal citizens of life and love. :D

Maithri said...

I love this Lindy,

There is such grace and power inherent in these words...

When I was a boy I was completely taken up with the Greek and Norse Myths... There is such beauty and symbolism within them...

Have you read Jean Houstons work? She writes a great deal (and so incredibly eloquently) about applying mythology to our lives... That we are the Mything link ;)

Your words have found me and lifted me up this night dear friend,

Sending you my love and humble thanks,
on the light of these little stars shining above my window,


Pythia3 said...

Thank you Maithri,
Welcome back! We missed you.
I so enjoy reading and learning about mythology. I always have. I will take your advice and check out Jean Houston's work. I do believe that myths are the threads that weave the cultural tapestries . . . and that there are threads of truth weaved in, as well.
God Bless you :)

Pythia3 said...

Dear Alexys,
I noticed the comment I wrote in response to yours never showed up???
Well, Thank you so very much for your comment.
I couldn't agree with you more - we all walk upon sacred ground and most times we forget or overlook the beauty.

Michelle's Spell said...

This is really beautiful, Lindy! I love the poem and the pictures. Have a really great weekend!

Anicca said...

this is a beautiful piece...reminds me of Constantine Cavafy's poems on Greek myths.