Monday, March 10, 2008

My Dear Concubine

Touch me on the chance my concubine will dance - like the tiny ballerina twirls round and round and round treasures of golden chains and diamond reins in my girlhood box of charms.

Touch me - hands close and familiar - for my muscles shiver and my skin quivers as my bones recall the ancient tales of chivalrous suitors in shining armor with razored edges.

Touch me with the shrill of your sword and call forth her rebellion - fighting and crying, yet dying to obey her lord, his every wish . . . do this so that I, face to her face, can impale her and all her misguidedness.

My breath, my death, my fear, my shrine,

My dear concubine . . .

'tis late my turn,

your urn awaits.

Beautiful music to fly with


bella said...

I keep returning to read this again.
The levels at which it speaks to me are profound.
Thank-you for this act of bravery.

Pythia3 said...

Thank you, Bella, for recognizing this as an act of bravery - how brave of you.
Since you live on multi levels; even the "simplest" of things speaks to you on each of those many levels.
It can be amazing, fun, interesting and also tiring and maddening.